On-Demand Webinar

How CPAs Are Rethinking Status Quo Processes with Modern FinTech

Unifying the financial tech stack, reducing costs and ending financial babysitting for CPAs.

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Welcome to the age of bucking the status quo! Forward-thinking CPAs are looking to maximize the value their firms provide to their clients, and that means re-examining the familiar, comfortable financial technology stack that has been used for years.

In this 25-minute recorded webinar, you will learn how modern CPAs can:

  • Unify the FinTech stack into one holistic platform.
  • Get real-time data from all of their client\'s spend activity in one place.
  • Reduce user-licensing costs with FREE software and rethinking value pricing strategies.
  • Advise on and build better processes for firm and clients alike.
  • Get more business for their existing clients and secure new customers.