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The Accountant's Guide to Finding Expense Report Software

Does this sound familiar to you? “Organizing statements and manual data entry at my company takes way too long. Everyone is already moving as fast as they can to review and map expenses to our general ledger, and sync with our accounting software.”

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You're not alone! Every business needs to deal with expense management in some form. For businesses that don't already have an automated system in place, this often means hours spent on unproductive spreadsheet data entry, manual nightly syncs with accounting software, higher risk of human error, missed policy violations, and inaccuracies within client spending records.

It may be time to add an automated expense management solution. Not sure where to start? This guide features:

  • ROI calculator to see the cost benefits of using an expense solution
  • Suggestions on evaluating your current expense workflow
  • Features and capabilities to look for in an expense solution
  • Tool kit to evaluate various expense solutions