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How MSI Chicago Extends Planning With Agile Analysis

See how MSI Chicago streamlines financial reporting, makes budgeting more collaborative and models KPIs with just a few clicks.

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Agile finance teams have the flexibility they need to analyze data strategically, influence key decision making and respond quickly to change. Watch this video and discover how Aaron Andersen, Director of Finance at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, is enabling an agile team culture through continuous learning and finance-led business planning.

Watch this free video to learn:

  • How to streamline your financial reporting processes
  • How to build a team-oriented approach to finance while working remotely
  • How to empower your stakeholders with the ability to plan confidently based on reliable, up-to-date financials
  • Tools and processes How to model your most important KPIs in just a few clicks with the right tools and processes